Market facts

More than 550,000 men suffer from recurrent prostate cancer in North America today. It is estimated that 82,000 of those suffer from localised prostate cancer type I or type II. In the US and EU, new treatment regimens for this patient category are requested from health officials, and the medical need for patients and clinics is significant. The SpectraCure treatment for recurrent prostate cancer is likely to be regarded as an orphan treatment. Orphan treatments give clinics a higher reimbursement than other treatments.

Attaining a reimbursement code in the US is expected to be relatively easy once clinical benefits have been demonstrated, since no curative treatment alternative exists for this patient category, and since the clinical logistics of the treatment is very similar to that in prostate brachytherapy, which is reimbursed today. SpectraCure is aiming for a pricing of USD 80k per treatment at market introduction.

Interstitial PDT has attracted significant commercial interest in recent years following approval of new photosensitisers and new medical indications. A few companies in the US and Europe are active within interstitial PDT for prostate cancer and other indications. However, SpectraCure is the only company that has a technology for advanced treatment planning and dosimetry, and patents that protect the use of these methods.

Sales and market history

SpectraCure is targeting the North American market initially. One reason for this strategy is that the regulatory bodies in the US often set the precedence for other markets, thus making it easier in achieving approval elsewhere. Moreover, the reimbursement structure within the patient insurance system is favourable to this kind of treatment in North America.

SpectraCures strategy is to reach the main market via “early adopters”. Potential early adopters include clinics offering brachytherapy as they already have the skills and experience to work with needle insertion required also in interstitial PDT.

SpectraCure intends to enter collaboration with one or more industrial partners during 2017/18 in order to gain further support and resources in the process towards commercialisation. SpectraCure is already in discussions about a partnership with a US-based company active within a related field.